Detailed Feature List
Image Types
Mono (16-bit), HSI (16-bit) & RGB (8 & 16-bit)
FFT Types
Object states
isWindowed, isStack, hasMask (only images)

All functions works on stacks and masked objects whenever applicable
Point Operations
Brightness, Contrast, Min-Max, Transfer function
Threshold,  Set max,  Invert, Edit pixel
Arithmetic's, Calibrate Flux, User defined histogram-EQ functions
Selected area histogram equalization
Min-Max, L-R% and custom histogram stretch
Advanced Contrast Enhancement

Spatial Filter
LP, HP Median, User defined spatial convolution

Edge Filter
Laplace, Frei-Chen, Prewitt, Sobel, Kirsch

Edit Object
Mirror, Rotate, Pad, Shift, Resize, Crop
Paint-box with layer and transparency support

Color Operation
Extract intensity, HSI, RGB conversions
HSI balance, RGB balance
LRGB (Quandcolor) combine
Pseudo colors and pseudo levels
RGB combine with multi-size, auto/manual rotate & shift
RGB-split, HSI-split, Shift RGB planes

FFT Operation
Edit FFT, Internal edit paint toolbox with live IFFT-preview

Deconvolution 2D
Maximum Entropy
Blind Deconvolution
Constrained Least Square CLS

Gaussian PSF, Disk PSF
Extract PSF from image
PSF Pad, Shift, Plot, Normalize, NormWeight
Extract motion blur PSF from image

Multi Image
+, -, /, *, Combine, Mask Combine
Blink compare

Stack Specific
Time and Mosaic stack types
New stack from files, New stack from active objects
New Stack from AVI, MPEG
Save stack as AVI, MPEG
Show stack Info
Split stack, Extract stack member
Min, Mean

2D Visualization
Histogram, Line intensity profile
Live Magnify Glass zoom
Live area histogram plot in Histogram form
Vector "probe" presentation of FFT R & I parts

Image Information
Compare image flux
Assign level to color
Show file info: Exif, IPTC, File header
Scan area, Calc Diff, Compare

Measure tool with sub pixel precision
Measurement line and text can be saved stamped in image
Calc centroid, Calc Weighted centroid, Centroid info

Scripting Environment
VB Script full development support with debugging and drop list for function selection
User assignable script drop-down meny

Other Functions
Gaussian Unsharp Masking
Digital Development Process (DDP)
Build mosaic with snap-in alignment and automatic level adjustment
Generate noise
Apogee CCD E-series camera control

Mask Specific
Add, Copy, Create, Remove, Edit, Split, Invert mask
Make range mask, Make mask from selection


Recent by time, Recent by type
Load, Save, Print, Acquire, Capture
Show history
Live Zoom and Magnify glass
Split R & I parts with color presentation of FFT
Live Histogram Equalization over movable & resizable area
Set Histogram Range to perform operation on
Image Preview
Full Screen view with pop-up menu or mouse wheel zoom & invert
Stretch image data option when loading

Select area, Select all, Invert selection, Remove selection
Copy, Paste, Paste Clipboard, Screen capture
New image from display

Other menus
Select interpolation for zoom < 100%
Show pixel grid zoom > 400%
Select area
Drop targets for IL types
Tip of Day dialogue
Log file for bug reporting to Aragon System

Performance specific
Dynamic memory mapping with optimized memory usage
Low level code  is written in assembler to ensure the best possible performance.
Thousands of active object without slowdown