Sophisticated User Interface
Every object - single or stack - is represented by its own window.
This window offers a multitude of ways present the object. Change histogram on the fly. View the whole stack at once or play the stack members, one at a time.

Unveil an image hidden secrets

Localize operations with Masked Operations
Every image can have its own mask. This mask is not binary but continuous. The associated mask modifies every operation on the image. The resulting image is a mixture between the original image and the unmasked result.

Group images in stacks to apply operations to many images at once
Several objects can be organized into one stack object.

Stack Rotation
Advanced Mosaics
Build mosaics easily from it's components.

Noise Removal Wizard
Remove noise with a powerful noise removal wizard with a "1Click" option.
Noise Removal
Apply advanced deconvolution algorithms to restore images
Image Essentials offers very fast implementations of the Richardson-Lucy and Maximum Entropy deconvolution algorithms.

Work in frequency space with FFT

PaintBox for basic touch-up
Basic painting toolbox with layer support.

Use Windowing to optimize deconvolution
Suppress wrap-around artifacts by applying windowing prior to deconvolution (image restoration

Work with different Color Models
ImageLab supports Mono (16bit),  HSI (16bit), RGB (16bit and 8bit) and Lab (16bit)