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LRGB Quad Color Combine


LRGB quad color composite method is a new technique to make high S/N color images. It will reduce the total exposure time for CCD cameras color images. The LRGB stands for:

L - A luminous monochrome grayscale image
R - The red component of the color image
G - The green component of the color image
B - The blue component of the color image

The method works as follows:

1. Take a R, G, B images and a monochrome image (without filter or with filter).
2. Make an RGB images from tree monochrome images taken with a Red, Green and Blue filter, use the RGB combine function.
3. The LRGB function replaces the Intensity part of the RGB image with the monochrome image.

This process is called LRGB quad color composite process, where L means 'Luminance'. You do not need a high quality RGB images, if you obtain a good monochrome image for the Intensity part. Therefore you may take the RGB images with the CCD-camera in 2x2 or 3x3 binning.

The LRGB toolbox
Visit Kunihiko Okano's Gallery Homepage one of the developer of the LRGB method.